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Cosmetic Safety Assessment & MSDS

MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets and Allergen declarations where applicable for each product are now arranged in sub headings on the menu to your left.

By clicking the individual names for each product you will be taken to a PDF page where you can view or print or even save the file to your own computer. To return to the catalogue simply use your browser's back button.

If there's data you need that is not present please let us know.

The MSDS provided here only apply to product supplied by us and should not be used for ingredients bought elsewhere. It is important to note that only the data from the actual supplier of your ingredients is valid for your safety assessment records. If you have more than one supplier for the ingredients in your recipes then each supplier should provide you with the relevant information for the different products that you are using.

Safety assessment of your recipes methods and products by a qualified individual or body (laboratory) is a legal requirement for everyone selling home made bath beauty cosmetic and toiletry products to the public. Selling product without safety assessment is dangerous and may leave you open to prosecution. Legislation exists to protect you and the public. It is our recommendation that you research the process before committing to selling any product . We are happy to discuss this with you by phone or email if you are unsure as to what to do and help you to access the information that you need from appropriate professionals.

Assessment cannot be carried out retrospectively ie after the product is made for sale. In other words you must have your recipes assessed before stockpiling for the Christmas Fair! If you would like to find out more about EU legislation and safety assessment help for cosmetics and toiletries in your own area we suggest that you start with your local Trading Standards - usually your local council will have their details - and try using Business Link in your area. Both will give you free help and advice and are people you will encounter anyway if you are starting your own business. Go on, they don't bite!

Please also see the left menu for a range of Safety Assessment Packages that may suit your needs. Working with an established safety assessor, we now offer a number of "off the shelf" cosmetic safety assessment packs that enable you to legally make and sell your own bath and body products. From Lip Balms to Bath Bombs, Soaps, Scrubs and much more.

To comply with EU legislation you must label your products correctly and according to INCI naming protocols. You must adhere to good manufacturing practice and be prepared to maintain a PIF file - a working record of your products - when, how and who made them along with ingredients, safety data, batch numbers and so on. Doing so enables everything that you make to be traceable back to source in the event of a problem. In addition, following the update to the legislation in 2013, you must also register on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). Before attempting to sell anything, it is essential that you have prior experience and some expertise in the field.

Trading Standards information about selling Cosmetic Products - Essential Reading Click Here

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Animal Testing Statement

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